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Stitchin' Tree Wholesale Email Registration

Like you, my email inbox is flooded with unwanted emails.  I send emails regarding my patterns, products, and social media.  If you want to receive all of these email types, that is great!  But if you want to limit the emails you receive from Stitchin' Tree, I invite you to use this form to register for the types of emails you would like to receive.  

Choose one or more of the following email lists:

Stitchin' Tree Social.  Receive weekly emails with social media tips; monthly emails of social media coaching opportunities, open coaching topics, and social media updates.

Stitchin' Tree Patterns.  Receive bi-weekly emails promoting Stitchin' Tree original patterns, virtual trunk shows and classes, and promotional media for you to use.

Stitchin' Tree Products.  Receive monthly emails promoting Stitchin' Tree original products (Trader's Dice, PinPals, ChainRippers, Holy Scrap merch) and promotional media for you to use. 

Stitchin' Tree Wholesale, ALL.  Want it all?  You got it.  We'll make sure you receive all of the news and updates from all 3 lists above.

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Select the type of emails you would like to receive from Stitchin' Tree.

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