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Trader's Dice Wholesale Product Packages

Trader's Dice -- The game where EVERYBODY wins!  And when everybody wins, everybody is more included to BUY!
Hosting a Game Night, using Trader's Dice, is a fabulous way of moving end-of-life fabric off the shelves.

You've played games where the winner takes all (all the fat quarters, all the charm squares, all the patterns). It's not fun to play that game unless you're the winner. And if you're the winner, you almost feel guilty that you've won it all... Well, a few years ago, I made up a game where everyone wins! I've been taking my game to guilds with hand-written dice and having a lot of fun. Each time we play, the group says "You should really market this..." and now I AM! Trader's Dice is a game that you can play with three or more people -- the more the merrier. Roll the dice, trade to the left, trade to the right, trade across the table, or steal from the kitty. You can trade anything: fat quarters, charm squares, jelly roll strips, patterns, thread, you name it. And you don't have to be a quilter to play. This game can be played with scrapbookers, knitters, playing card collectors -- any collector can play.

Full instructions are included in each package. Ideas for playing the game with different groups are included on each link below.

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The minimum order for Trader's Dice (wholesale) is SIX sets. The wholesale price is $5.00 and suggested retail price is $10.  When ordering in bulk (24 or more), you will receive an additional 10% off.

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