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Just getting started?  

Looking to refine and grow? 
Ready to launch new groups? 
Need private coaching?

Want to extend your business model to social media?


Achieving your goals is going to be harder than you thought, but also far more satisfying than you could every imagine. 

You can do this.

It's gonna be hard. But it's gonna be worth it.  And I'll be with you every step of the way!


Teresa Coenen has over 18 years experience as a pattern designer, owner/operator of a brick & mortar quilt shop, and online web presence.   Teresa has successfully navigated email & social media to produce sales and build a reliable customer base. Teresa has earned Facebook and Google Marketing Specialist certifications. She teaches social media marketing at her local high school and community college, and she coaches quilt shops and other small businesses in their social media and email marketing efforts.  Teresa's sessions at Quilt Market are a perennial favorite of quilt shop owners.

Group Coaching Sessions

Facebook Beginners Bootcamp
Designed for Businesses who are just getting started, or are wanting to cover the basics of setting up and operating a Facebook Business Profile. There WILL be homework in between sessions.

3 sessions for  $197
November, Tuesdays 12:00 PM
December, Fridays, 2:00PM
January, Thursdays, 4:00PM
February, Mondays, 9:00AM
March, Thursdays, 11:00AM

*One 1-hour Zoom per week for 3 weeks
*limited to 6 participants in the group
*Resource & Document Library
*One Private Consultation at any time
*Access to Open Coach 

Register for Facebook Beginner's Bootcamp
1.  Facebook page review: Name, Category, Description, Page Roles
2. Brand Profile and Cover Images/Logo
3. Username
4. Business details
5. Action button
6. Create posts
7. Invite audience
8. Templates and tabs
9. Meta Business Suite
10. Posting strategies
11. Monitoring strategies
12. Like other pages
13. Using insights
Facebook Success Formula

Designed for Businesses who want to advance their understanding of the Facebook algorithm and are ready to take the time and effort necessary to increase organic growth, increase sales and/or increase collaborations without boosting posts or paying for advertising.

6 sessions for $397 - Central Time
Thursdays, 12:00PM, Nov/Dec/Jan
Mondays, 4:00PM, Nov/Dec/Jan
Fridays, 8:00AM, Dec/Jan/Feb
Tuesdays, 1:00PM Dec/Jan/Feb
Wednesdays, 8:00AM Jan/Feb/Mar
Mondays, 7:00PM, Jan/Feb/Mar
Tuesdays, 11:00AM Feb/Mar/Apr

*Two 1-hour Zooms per month for 3 months *Limited to 6 attendees per group
 *Access to Private Facebook Success Formula Locker
*Unlimited Resource and Document Library
*One Private Consultation any time
*Access to Open Coach

Register for Facebook Success Formula
1. Social Media Audit
2. Business Page Refresh
3. Growth Tactics
4. Customer Profiles & Avatars
5. Content Plan
6. Content Map
7. Content Curation
8. Content Creation
9. Account Monitoring
10. Account Listening
11. Distribution
12. Analytics
Facebook Groups for Business 

Facebook Groups provide businesses an opportunity to build fan communities, increase organic growth, and drive website traffic.  Set up groups that are right for your business needs and learn practical application strategies to ensure your group's success.

3 sessions for
Call to schedule 712.423.5100

*One 1-hour Zoom per week for 3 weeks
Limited to 10 participants per group
*Resource and Document Library
*One Private Consult at any time
*Access to Open Coach

1. Benefits of groups
2. Types of groups
3. Business group checklist
4. Tips for Facebook Groups
  •  Code of conduct (up to 10 rules)
  •  Post welcome messages/announcements
  •  Engage members, let them lead
  •  Ask admittance questions to keep out bots
  •  Offer high-value content
  •  #post topics
  •  Rooms, chats
  •  Files
  • Automated messaging

 5.  How to delete a group
 6.  Engage, engage, engage

Reproducible Pattern Pros

 Whether you've purchased a single pattern, a collection of pattern or a sequential series, this coaching group will encourage you to get your program started and provide support for implementation.

3 sessions for $127
Call to schedule 712.423.5100
*One 1-hour Zoom per week for 3 weeks
*One Private Coach session (at any time)
*Resource & Document Library
*Access to Private Reproducible Pattern Facebook Group
*Access to Open Coach for 2 months following the conclusion of the group coaching sessions

This group will be customized to the needs of the participants.  Topics may include, but are not limited to:
1.  SMART goals for pattern use
2.  Printing & storage of patterns and shop files
3.  Strategies to increase enrollment or sales of patterns
4.  Web storage and distribution
5.  Social media promotion and distribution
6.  Email promotion and distribution
Open Coach
Participants must register for each Open Coach sessions.  Graduates of other coaching groups may have limited access to Open Coach session.  Participants are encouraged to email suggested topics in advance of each session.
2 times per month, days and times vary
*Two 1-hour Zoom coaching sessions each month
*No requirement to participate in other groups or purchase Stitchin' Tree patterns or products

Register for one or more Open Coach Sessions
Primary topics are announced 24-hours in advance on Stitchin' Tree Social Group; please register in advance.

Private Coaching & Monitoring Services

Teresa is available for private social media coaching services.  Rates begin at $97/hour for a single coaching session, and $77/hour for 3 or more coaching sessions.  Please email Teresa directly if you are interested in private coaching services: teresa@stitchintree.com
Social Media Monitoring & Response
Use Teresa's experienced team of virtual assistants to monitor your social media channels and respond to all comments, shares and messages.

$10/day - up to 5 posts per day

One week FREE trial.
You determine whether or not you want to continue the service.

*Up to 100 comment responses per day
*Up to 100 share acknowledgements per day
*Up to 50 instant message responses per day

Contact Teresa directly to discuss setting up Social Media Monitoring & Response services.

Email: teresa@stitchintree.com
Monitoring and response (typically) within 1-2 hours of all scheduled posts.

Monitoring and response (typically) within 24 hours of unscheduled posts.

Unlimited continued monitoring and response to shares and comments after 24 hours.

Click HERE to sign up for your FREE Trial NOW!

Single Topic Coaching Sessions

Quilt retailers are encouraged to participate in coaching sessions around individual topics.  Choose from the topics listed above, or email Teresa to request a specific topic, and she will put a coaching group together if there is adequate interest.  The cost for Single Topic Coaching sessions is $77/per participant. Contact teresa@stitchintree.com.