, Square Dance Delight
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Square Dance Delight

Welcome to the Square Dance Delight Quilt-Along! 

Grab your fabric and get ready to dosey doe with our free quilt-along. This pattern is not your ordinary one-block wonder; it's a kaleidoscope of color, creativity, and fun!

🧵 Pattern Highlights:

  • Unique Square Blocks: Break away from the ordinary with a dazzling array of square blocks that come together in a mesmerizing dance of patterns.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting, our step-by-step instructions make creating this masterpiece a joyous experience.


🌟 Why Join Square Dance Delight?

  • Community Connection: Follow the pattern on InstagramFacebook, or YouTube using #SquareDanceDelight. Stop by our Facebook page to share your progress, ask questions, and be inspired by the vibrant community using #SquareDanceDelight.
  • Free and Fabulous: This quilt-along is our gift to you! Enjoy the pattern and instructions without any cost. Let's spread the joy of quilting together.

📅 Quilt-Along Schedule:

  • Start Date: March 1, 2024, Instagram; April 3, 2024, Facebook & YouTube
  • End Date: April 25, 2024
  • Follow along with our regular posts on Instagram as we guide you through each step of the Square Dance Delight journey.  Even if you get a late start, you can easily follow the steps in order.  Just look for the the step numbers.

🎁 Exclusive Extras:

  • Sneak peeks, tips, and bonus content will be shared throughout the quilt-along on our Facebook page. Don't miss out on the surprises!


🛍️ Ready to Join the Fun? Let's quilt, dance, and create lasting memories together! 💃At the conclusion of the quilt along, you'll find a variety of setting patterns right HERE!🧵✨

Full Schedule

Introduction Fabric Selection Supplies Press Layer
March 1, 2024 IG March 3, 2024 IG March 11, 2024 IG March 12, 2024 IG March 13, 2024  IG
April 3, 2024 FB & YT  April 4, 2024 FB & YT April 8, 2024  FB & YT April 9, 2024 FB & YT  April 10, 2024 FB & YT
Cutting Scraps Dosey Doe Stitch Setting
March 14, 2024 IG  March 15,2024 IG March 16, 2024 IG March 17, 2024 IG March 23, 2024 IG
April 11, 2024 FB & YT April 12, 2024 FB & YT April 13, 2024 FB & YT April 14, 2024 FB & YT May 21, 2024 FB & YT

Come to the Square Dance and reveal your quilts on Facebook, April 30, 2024!

Test Kitchen Fabric Bundles

🌈 Stitchin' Tree Test Kitchen Approved Fabric Bundles! 🌟

Elevate your Square Dance Delight experience with our specially curated fabric bundles, tested and approved in the Stitchin' Tree Test Kitchen! These handpicked collections feature a harmonious blend of colors and patterns, ensuring that your quilt radiates with the same vibrant energy as our Stitchin' Tree prototypes. Our expertly selected fabrics are not only visually stunning but also meticulously crafted for optimal compatibility with the Square Dance Delight pattern. Dive into the world of color and texture with confidence, knowing that our fabric bundles have been Stitchin' Tree approved for a show-stopping Square Dance Delight Quilt. Spice up your quilting journey and explore our exclusive fabric bundles to bring your Square Dance Delight vision to life!

Test Kitchen Gallery

Enjoy these quilts in progress that we've been cooking up in the Stitchin' Tree Test Kitchen!  More images will be added, as quilts are completed.

Square Dance Delight Video Instruction Links

Follow video instructions on our Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube channel.  Video links will be posted here after they have aired on social media. Come back to our website to download your setting pattern, when you are ready.

Square Dance Delight Setting Patterns

Pattern links will be posted May 21, 2024