, Square Dance Delight Virtual/Reproducible Pattern Collection
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Square Dance Delight Wholesale Virtual/Reproducible Pattern Collection

Designed specifically to grow online and social media presence, Square Dance Delight includes (10) step instructional videos and (10) possible setting patterns.
The quilts require (4) repeats of panels, border prints or large-scale prints.

The pattern collection and instructional quilt-along videos are designed to boost your social media following and capturing new quilting customers on your website.  The quilt-along and setting patterns are offered to quilters for FREE, with opportunities to sell fabric bundles to local and online customers.

Each instructional step in the quilt along series is directed through a brief 60-90 second video.  The videos can be hosted on social media, such as Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, or on your website.  We suggest that you host them in all three.

Would you like to see a sample of the video instructions?  Enjoy Step 2: Fabric Selection. Clicking this link will land you on our YouTube channel, where you can actually check out all of the Square Dance Delight videos.

Whether you feature Square Dance Delight in-store, online, or both (we recommend both), this virtual pattern series and quilt along is sure to move fabric and guarantee fun!
This pattern collection includes an email and social media marketing guide, including suggested content and time frame.  Web page suggestions are also included.

Would you like to see a sample web page for Square Dance Delight?  Visit https://www.stitchintree.com/square-dance-delight.htm

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