, How the West Was Won (by a quilter) Pattern Series
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How the West Was Won (by a quilter) Pattern Series

American History books are all wrong. Some of the most important events in American History have been left out-on purpose! This travesty began in 17th century England and continues today.  This quilt pattern picks up where the (not so) True History of America left off.

They did it again! The writers of American
History have left out some of the most important
details of how the West was won.
Yes, the tales of the Wild West revolve
around land, gold, guns and trains. But once
again, the historians left out the stories of
the quilts and how they shaped American
History. In fact, as I look through my family
journals, I am happy to tell the real story:
How the West Was Won (by a quilter).

Continue our fictitious journey of American history as seen through the eyes of a quilter!

Fabric Required
4-1/3" yards Light
4-1/3" yards Medium
4-1/3" yards Dark

This quilt can be constructed as a scrappy quilt, or use a featured fabric line.  I recommend that you use at least 3 fabrics of each value.