, ChainRipper by Stitchin' Tree Package of 24 Rippers
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ChainRipper by Stitchin' Tree Package of 24 Rippers


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WOW!!! Due to the overwhelming response to this promotion, we have temporarily sold out of our ChainRippers and are in the process of manufacturing more.  We will be happy to ship your order in 3-4 weeks (when we get back from Spring Quilt Market).

The ChainRipperTM molded base and quality seam ripper is designed to split chain-pieced seams easily and conveniently.  Because it uses a traditional seam ripper, the ChainRipperTM can split the narrowest of chains (even a single stitch).  The ripper can be removed from it's base and used as a traditional seam ripper.  When sheathed in it's base, the ChainRipperTM stands upright and can easily be located amidst a quilting project.

Retail $ 5 each, Wholesale $ 2.50 each
Distributor pricing $ 1.75 each