, 9x12 4 mil Vinyl Zip Bags (package of 100)
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9"x12" 4 mil Vinyl Zip Bags (package of 100)

9"x12" 4 mil clear vinyl zip bags from ULINE (item #S-1304) -- package of 100 bags

We find these bags are excellent for stuffing full page patterns like Merry Hallowthanksmas & Happy ValSt.Peaster, loading larger kits or blocks of the month, or rolling (6) half-yard cuts for our Six-Pack quilts.


These heavy duty (4 mil) bags can hold a lot of weight! ULINE sells them in cartons of 1000 for $109 per carton. We have 8 packages of 100 which we will sell at our cost $0.09 each, or $10.90/100.