, Parables Wholesale Reproducible Pattern Series
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Parables Wholesale Reproducible Pattern Series

Parables Wholesale Reproducible Pattern Collection includes (40) unique block designs representing (40) parables and (1) center cross design that can stand alone as a single wall-hanging. The pattern collection includes (7) setting designs.

Pattern is also available as an electronic download which will be emailed immediately after purchase.
Wholesale:  available as reproducible pattern.

Check your stash:  Do you have what it takes?
The quilt is designed to be constructed from scraps, but if you need to plan a balance of fabrics, consider,

¨ 2-1/2 yards of assorted lights

¨ 2-1/2 yards of assorted mediums

¨ 2-1/2 yards of assorted darks


Block 1-28”x38”
Jesus the Teacher

 Block 2—4”
New Cloth on an Old Coat

Block 3—4”
New Wine in Old Wineskin

Block 4—4”
Lamp on a Stand

Block 5—4”
Wise & Foolish Builders


Block 6—8”
Moneylender Forgives Unequal Debts

Block 7—12”
Rich Man Builds Bigger Barns

Block 8—12”
Servants Remain Watchful

Block 9—8”
Wise & Foolish Servant

Block 10—8”
Unfruitful Fig Tree

Block 11—4”
Sower Four Types of Soil

Block 12—4”
Weeds Among Good Plants

Block 13—8”
Growing Seed

Block 14—8”
Mustard Seed

Block 15—8”

Block 16—12”
Hidden Treasure

Block 17—12”
Valuable Pearl

Block 18—12”
Fishing Net

Block 19—8”
Owner of a House

Block 20—8”
Lost Sheep

Block 21—8”
Master & Servant

Block 22—8”
Unmerciful Servant

Block 23—8”
Good Samaritan

Block 24—12”
Friend in Need

Block 25—8”
Lowest Seat at the Table

Block 26—12”
Invitation to a Great Banquet

Block 27—12”
Cost of Discipleship

Block 28—12”
Lost Coin

Block 29—8”
Lost Prodigal Son

Block 30—4”
Shrewd Manager

Block 31—12”
Rich Man and Lazarus

Block 32—4”
Workers in a Vineyard

Block 33—4”
Persistent Widow, Crooked Judge

Block 34—4”
Pharisee Tax Collector

Block 35—8”
Kings 10 Servants Give Minas

Block 36—4”
Two Sons

Block 37—4”
Wicked Tenants

Block 38—12”
Wedding Banquet

Block 39—8”
Signs of Future Fig Tree

Block 40—8”
Wise & Foolish Virgins

Block 41—4”
Sheep & Goats will be separated