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Linda Pohlenz, Butterfly Express Patterns

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Linda Pohlenz, La Mesa, California, has family ties in Iowa and stops by Stitchin' Tree whenever she is in the area.  When home in California, Linda is usually busy teaching classes for Eleanor Burns' Quilt In A Day, or other shops in the San Diego area.  Linda has also been contracted to teach on a quilting cruise in Hawaii! 

From Linda's website:
"My quilt journey started quietly… A friend gave me a quilt. Looking at this quilt gave me the joy of color and the comfort of her friendship. It was a short, straight line to thoughts of "Could I make a quilt?" We made a visit to our local quilt shop and purchased fabric and a pattern. What began as one quilt has inspired more quilts. The natural flow of life led to joining a quilt guild. Quilt guilds and quilt shops are wonderful sites for friendships of like-minded folks." 

Read more about Linda's quilt journey: Butterfly Express
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806 Strips N Stripes Butterfly Express

$4.50 $9.00

816- Busy Day Pattern

$4.00 $8.00

817- Cruisen Snoozen and Stitchen Pattern

$4.00 $8.00

818- Matchy Matchy...Not Pattern


819 Ready to Roll Pattern

$6.30 $9.00