, Quilter Lives Here 12x8 Black Sign
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Quilter Lives Here 12"x8" Black Sign

Quilter Lives Here 12"x8" Black Sign by Classic Metal Company

This sign says it all – I am proud to be a quilter and love my craft.

Like their quilts, every quilter is unique, yet all quilters share a common bond with each other. Whenever quilters gather to shop or stitch, there’s a sharing of love, laughter and stories.  Life’s hard lessons and sorrows find a friend’s ear and understanding.

Watch a quilter and you’ll see a twinkle in the eye, a lilt in the voice, a pride in the tilt of the chin – knowing that their craft will inspire another generation of warm quilts and friendships.

Laser-cut from steel and powder-coat finished, this sign will look great for many years and welcome all to your home – the home of a quilter!