, Swatter Sweaters BOM Collection
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Swatter Sweaters BOM Collection

Join us on our Swatter Sweater BOM -- this collection includes 12 individual kits.

Now you can hide that unsightly fly swatter and still keep it handy.

Each month, you will receive a pattern, and fabric for the swatter sweater, inner-lining and lining.  You provide your own batting.  Each Swatter Sweater has (2) designs -- one for the front and one for the back!

If you don't want to use the mini-quilts to cover your swatter, you will have enough fabric to construct (2) separate 6" mini quilts (including backing and binding.  Use as a mini wall hanging, pot holder, or refrigerator quilt.

October Spook Swat Front
October Spook Swatter
October Spook Swat Back

November Gobble Swat Front

November Gobble Swatter

November Gobble Swat Back

December Jingle Swat Front

December Jingle Swatter

December Jingle Swat Back

January Frosty Swat Front

January Frosty Swatter

January Frosty Swat Back
February Lover's Swat Front
February Lover's Swatter
February Lover's Swat Back

March Lucky Swat Front

March Lucky Swatter

March Lucky Swat Back

April Hop Swat Front

April Hop Swatter

April Hop Swat Back

May Petal Swat Front

May Petal Swatter Front

May Petal Swat Back

June Rec Swat Front

June Rec Swatter Front

June Rec Swat Back

July Picnic Swat Front

July Picnic Swat Back

August Sunny Swat  Front

August Sunny Swatter

August Sunny Swat Back

September Skoo Swat front

September Skoo Swatter

September Skoo Swat back