, How The West Was Won BOM
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How The West Was Won BOM

How the West Was Won (by a quilter) BOM
Queen Size 90"x90"
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If you enjoyed the (not so) True History of America, you'll love the sequel! Once again, we've taken the liberty to rewrite American History from the perspective of a quilter. Join us on this 9-month escapade
Here are the only clues we can share:

  • Fabrics are rich chocolate, mulberry, blue, green, gold, red and plum
  • The finished quilt is primarily traditional-pieced blocks, with a LITTLE bit of applique (optional, in the border)

Month 1: Westward Ho!

Block 2: Circle the Wagons

Block 3: Red Cloud's Peace

Block 4: Golden Spike

Block 5: Women's Lib

Block 6: Wild Bill's Secret

Block 7: Shootout

Block 8: Billy's Blankie