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Quilter's Coop

Periodically, throughout the year, Stitchin' Tree offers deep discounts on cooperative supplies -- typically batting by the roll, thread, blades and other notions that are basic to quilting.  When we order these products in bulk, we pass on the savings to our quilting friends.  

With our most recent COOP order (February 13) a few COOP items (blades, thread and templates) are still available at the discounted price.  We will not be ordering additional product, so these discounts will only apply to the thread, blades and templates we have in stock at this time.

Quilter's Dream has allowed us to extend our window for ordering batting rolls through March 10.  Note that the rolls will take 6-8 weeks to ship.

The next Quilter's Coop order will occur in June 2021.

Coop Discounted Products