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Quilt Every Day

Progress Reports

Submissions are added to our website daily and will be recorded in reverse chronological order.  If permission is granted, submissions may be shared on Stitchin' Tree Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Blogspot.

1/13/2021  6:14:13 PM Teresa C Woodbine, IA Planned I spent the afternoon with my good friend and quilting pal, Betty.  She is always such an inspiration to me.  We planned private get togethers so we can sit and visit while we quilt.  This pandemic has made it very difficult to continue our regular sew alongs, but we have to find a way to stay connected.
 1/12/2021  7:42:21 PM Teresa C  Woodbine, IA   Taught I spent time helping Bonnie learn some new skills on Maybelline the quilting machine.  Other than that, I began the inventory of my BLESSINGS and shot/edited the first video log for Quilt Every Day.  It was exciting and scary all at once.
1/11/2021  4:13:57 PM Teresa C  Woodbine, IA  Taught  I shot video today for an online class -- Jury Duty panel quilt in Down On The Farm Fabric.
 1/10/2021  6:04:15 PM Teresa C Woodbine, IA   Designed  I worked on the website and forms for Quilt Every Day.
1/9/2021  3:13:33 PM  Teresa C  Woodbine, IA  Planned  Another day in marketing boot camp, and an afternoon full of app design.  This is hard work.  Can't wait to get back to sewing.
 1/8/2021  7:46:13 PM Teresa C  Woodbine, IA  Planned  I met with a marketing consultant to review my website and app plans for Quilt Every Day.  Exciting.
1/7/2021  4:14:44 PM Teresa C   Woodbine, IA  Quilted The weather was frightful today, so it was a good day to run the quilter and continue with my inventory.  I'm embarrassed by the number of projects I have to work on.  I'm running out of charity batting, so had to piece bats today -- not my favorite job. I gave instruction to my 13 year old grand-daughter as she put the final borders on her Take 5 Iowa State quilt top -- a gift for her papa.
1/6/2021  8:57:06 PM Teresa C  Woodbine, IA  Quilted  One of the things that I love about the Pro-Stitcher on my Handiquilter (Maybelline) is that she is able to crank out quilts while I work on projects nearby.  Today, I quilted 2 baby quilts and a throw quilt while I put binding on some of the other quilts I worked on earlier this week
1/5/2021  3:46:32 PM Teresa C Woodbine, IA Quilted  More charity quilts.  Maybelline is rocking the house this week.  Today I quilted a bed quilt and baby quilt.
 1/4/2021  6:06:52 AM Sharon E Lansdale  Cut Made small jelly roll from leftover scraps and sewed together
1/4/2021  5:13:58 PM Teresa C Woodbine, IA Quilted It is so great to get Maybelline, the quilter, fired up for the new year.  The first week of the new year is dedicated to quilting charitable quilts.  Today, I quilted 2 babies and a throw.  
 1/3/2021  6:35:09 PM Bonnie P  Blair, NE  Stitched  Working on blocks for a new quilt.
1/3/2021 4:47 Laurie M Littleton NH Researched A few years ago I went through projects that I had at home but never started. I set a goal of cutting out the 5 projects that I already had everything for but never started. By the end of January I had them all cut out and set up as kits. It's so much easier to sit down and sew when there's no 'readying' involved.  It was super. I didn't finish all five quilts that year, but they were all done completely (including binding) by the following year. I don't know why I haven't done this again.  In 2020 I finished so many quilts including a queen size mystery quilt and a king size Women of the Bible quilt that I started about 4 years ago. Thanks for giving me the push to make my love of sewing a priority. 
 1/3/2021  12:00:00 AM Teresa C   Woodbine, IA  Sorted I can't possibly create an inventory list of my unfinished projects until I get them sorted out.  When we moved to down, I dumped tubs and boxes in my sewing room because it is too easy to let the Makerspace at my shop be my personal sewing space.  Time to get busy and sort through those tubs and organize my sewing space at home.
1/2/2021 13:11  Barbara S  SIMPSONVILLE Researched  Limited quilting today as it was 'take down tree' day
2021-01-02 00:03:20 Teresa C Woodbine, IA Planned I'm really excited about starting this new adventure in 2021. I hope lots of quilters join me. I plan to use QED to help me get organized and stay on track. I spent quite a long while today working on the logo, form and web pages. It is a work in progress, and I am anxious to see how it all unfolds. Tomorrow, I will introduce it through email and social media. Woo hoo!
2021-01-01 018:45:03 Teresa C Woodbine, IA Authored Today I worked on the FAQ page for Quilt Every Day. It's a work in progress, and I'm getting feedback from my quilting friends to make sure I have answers for any questions that might pop up. I also worked on and published a new page of organizational aids. I will be using the calendar aids to keep my own quilting projects organized. I will organize and list my UFO's tomorrow while we are watching football bowl games.