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Most quilters have unfinished quilt projects tucked away in closets, in tubs, on shelves or displayed on design walls.  For some, it is a few projects; for others, it may be more than a handful; and for some, it may be an embarrassingly high number.  Do you belong to one of these groups?  Quilt Every Day provides organizational aids and accountability tools to help quilters get organized, stay organized, and QUILT EVERY DAY!  Want to join us?  Forms and tools are free of charge and can be downloaded and used by quilters anywhere.

Quilt Every Day was introduced to the public on January 12, 2021 with an inventory form (Count Your BLESSINGS) and an accountability tool (Daily Submission Form).  Quilters who participate will be acknowledged and rewarded for their work.  Throughout 2021, as the Quilt Every Day initiative evolves, new forms and accountability tools will be introduced, image galleries will be added, and blogs/vlogs/posts will be reported.  We hope you will join us.

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