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Parables Update 3-28-21


I've learned a LOT about internet bandwidth and upload/download mbps this past week.  I can't say that I will retain much -- it's pretty technical for me, but, in the future, I'll consult with Kara (the video editor) before I commit her to an video upload date.  (sorry Kara!)  I called the tech guys for help, they offered to order me a new laptop with a special key...

Full Length Videos Are Ready
On this blessed Palm Sunday, we have two full videos for you to review as you move ahead on the Parables journey.  Both are available now on our YouTube channel, AND, both will (soon) be available on our Facebook page (Kara tells me sometime next week -- see, I'm learning).

Parables Mystery Introduction 
This one is short and sweet.  In this 11 minute video, I introduce the project, go over the Introduction Pattern, and describe how to create a fabric palette and keep it organized. 

Parables Block 1: Jesus the Teacher Step by Step Instructions
This is a long one, folks, but very thorough! (1 hour, 18 minutes)  I review the pattern, reiterate fabric selection (there is a separate, more detailed video), and provide step-by-step instruction, including tips for measuring, cutting, piecing, pinning and pressing.  Watch the entire video, or target the steps that you need help with.  On the video, the Step numbers are clearly indicated so that you can fast forward to the step you are looking for.

Let Us Pray

Each pattern will include a brief prayer (usually a one-liner) for you to use while constructing your blocks.  Each month, as I lead the quilt along, she will open with prayer.  We know that some of you enjoy writing prayers, and we would love to include your prayers in our quilt along.  If you have any interest in writing a prayer to be shared during our zoom quilt along sessions, keep reading!

Remember, we've covering the parables in chronological order.  So the content of the parables may not necessarily coordinate for any given month.  A prayer can be written with or without reference to the parables for the month.

Click this link to go to our Parables Quilt Along page on our website.  Scroll to the bottom to see the list of parables, scheduled month, and prayer schedule.  If you are willing to write a prayer for any of the open months, email teresa@stitchintree, and she will place you on the schedule.

Check Your Inbox -- do this again please!
Our main method of communication with you will be through email.  All pattern links & coupon codes will be emailed.  You will not be able to get the coupon codes through Facebook or other social media.  So check your inbox and email settings to make certain that you are able to receive emails from stitchintree.com.  Our bulk emails come from our website, mailer@rainpos.com on behalf of stitchintree.com.

We have learned that a few of you (6 so far) have been unable to see our bulk emails.  That is because of a problem with the receiving inbox.  

This is an easy fix.  Check your spam/junk folders.  If you see one of our emails there, click on it and mark it as "not junk" or "not spam".

If you do not see the email in your junk/spam folder (and it's not buried in your inbox), you need to open your junk/spam preferences and add stitchintree.com and rainpos.com to your "safe senders" or "whitelist".  You should also look in your blocked addresses tab to see if stitchintree.com or rainpos.com is in your list of blocked addresses or domains.  If it is, click on it and mark it as safe.

So, if you are unable to receive the group emails, it doesn't make sense that we would send you a group email to help you, RIGHT???

Well, we plan to individually send each of you the link to this email.  If you receive our personal email with only the link, but do to receive the original email, please take the actions we have indicated here.  Let us know that you are having difficulty, and we'll help you continue to test your settings. We want to make sure you are able to receive the group emails, because we cannot guarantee that we will have the time or the resources to email individual pattern links and codes in the future.

300 Quilt Along Followers
Parables now has 300 quilt along followers.  Wow!  that is really humbling.  I do not know if it is the pandemic, the Easter season, or the topic of this faith-based series (maybe a combination of all three), but we are thrilled that so many have taken a leap of faith to join us on this faith journey when they do not know what the finished quilt will look like.  This is truly blind faith.  Did you know that blind faith is never mentioned in scripture?  That's because "blind faith" is faith without understanding.  That's not the deal we have with God.  We are expected to act in faith (not blind faith) on God’s promises (like Abraham, Moses, Noah and many others), but we do that from a position of trust based on all the knowledge we have of God.  

Hopefully, when we finish this quilt along, you will be like the blind man mentioned in John 9:25 , and you will say, "I was blind but now I see!"  

If you know of any other Christian quilters who might want to join us, please send us their email addresses, and we'll send them a special invitation.  Please use this form to invite others:

Well, that's enough rambling for one day... I was hoping if I wrote a long enough message, Kara would have the video edited & ready to post...  but, not so...  guess I better help out!

I hope you had a blessed Palm Sunday...


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