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Its COOP time!

This time of year, we are anxious for winter to end and spring flowers (and weather) to appear.  The pandemic continues to restrict our social activities, so we're spending added time in our sewing room.  We offered a COOP batting order in November, and due to warehouse delays (caused by half-staffing because of COVID), the shipping on the Quilter's Dream Batting rolls reached 6-8 weeks.  Seeing that our batting inventory is running low, we are putting together another coop order.  

And by popular request, we are adding other quilting notions to our coop order. So take a peak at your notion & batting inventory and have fun at 30% off.  These coop orders are due February 12.  Product will be ordered on February 13.  Notions will ship as soon as they are received at Stitchin' Tree.  Batting will be drop-shipped in 6-8 weeks. 
Quilter's Dream has given us a great deal, and we will be able to DROP SHIP to your door for FREE (US orders only)!  You are also welcome to have rolls shipped to our store, and we will hold it for your pick up.

Check out these notions on the coop order... all 30% OFF

Schmetz 80/12 Chrome Machine Needles


Orange Thread Scissors with Cap

Color Wheel 9-1/4"

Color Wheel 5-1/8"

Aurifil Off White 50 wt Cotton

Aurifil Chalk 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Black 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Airstream 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Moondust 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Stainless Steel 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Stone 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Dark Navy 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Sandstone 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Peony 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Dark Sandstone 50wt Cotton

Aurifil Red 50wt Cotton

My Favorite Square Up Ruler 6-1/2"

Just Squares Templates

Half-Square Triangle Templates

45MM replacement blades 10pk

See all Quilter's Coop Notions

Quilter's Dream Save 30%
At Stitchin' Tree, we LOVE Quilter's Dream Batting!  It's the only batting we sell and the ONLY batting we've ever sold!  

Quilters Dream Batting products are proudly made in the USA. Quilter's Dream is sold in quilt shops only -- you will not find it in any discount or box store.  Over the past 25 years, the quality has stayed consistently highest in the industry.

At Stitchin' Tree, we like to put quality batting in quilters' hands.  Over the years, we have offered annual cooperative batting roll orders, but were restricted to quilters who could pick up their rolls in the store.  And now, through a cooperative arrangement with Quilter's Dream, we have the ability to have full rolls drop-shipped directly to your door - for FREE!

Go to our website to read more about each Quilter's Dream product

Cooperative Batting Roll Order -- SAVE 30% on each roll on these battings:
Dream Green Select 60"x30 yard (2 bolt case)
Dream Green Select 93"x30 yard Roll
Dream Natural Cotton Deluxe 93"x30 yard Roll
Dream Natural Cotton Select 93"x30 yard Roll 
Dream Natural Cotton Request 93"x30 yard Roll 
Dream White Cotton Select 93"x30 yard Roll
Dream White Cotton Request 93"x30 yard Roll 
Dream Poly White Deluxe 93"x30 yard Roll 
Dream Poly White Select 93"x30 yard Roll 
Dream Poly White Request 93"x30 yard Roll 
Dream Blend 70/30 for Machines Select 93"x30 yard Roll
Dream Natural 80/20 Blend Select 93"x30 yard Roll 
Dream Natural 80/20 Blend Select 120"x30 yard Roll 
Dream Orient Select 93"x30 yard Roll 
Dream Wool 93"x25 yard Roll 

If you choose to have your batting roll drop-shipped, please take caution when entering your ship to address!

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Thank you for your Coop order -- stay safe!


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