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COVID Friends Quilt Show prospects -- UPDATE

Thank you to all 4 shops who have participated in our COVID Friends Tribute Quilt.  we have great news to share!  If you would, please share the information below with the quilters who participated in your program.  

We have great news!

The word is out!  A representative of Quilts, Inc. (the company that plans the International Quilt Festival in Houston) has contacted us regarding the possibility of creating a Special Exhibit of our COVID Friends Tribute Quilts this year in Houston.  

Yes, there will be a Quilt Festival in Houston this year.  It is unknown, as yet, if Quilt Market will take place in a live format, but Quilt Festival can take place with social distancing standards.  It may look different than years past, but it's great to think that we might be planning some type of normalcy.

We need a little help...
We do not know, yet, if Quilts Inc. has time to curate the collection, or if Stitchin' Tree will curate the collection.  In order to make the decision, Quilts Inc. has asked us to submit images of quilts or projects that have been completed.  These quilts do not need to be quilted, yet, but should at least be completed quilt tops.

What we need right now are images -- lots and lots of images -- of completed quilt tops, bed runners, pillows, wall hangings and any other projects that you have made from the COVID blocks.  For example, one quilter made a complete throw quilt from the Mask Up block (thanks for sharing).  

These images are not submissions for the collection.  They are simply images to help Quilts Inc. make their final decision.  Please send images via email to teresa@stitchintree.com by February 6.

Once we have confirmed the final decision, we will get back to you all with details on how you could participate.  So get busy, quilters, and get those COVID quilts finished.

If you have any questions, give us a call 


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