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Wintertime Blues?


It's January, and we've got the wintertime blues... do you?

Blizzard conditions on Friday made it extremely difficult to get to our Makerspace in downtown Woodbine Iowa.  I had to trudge through 3-4 foot drifts to get inside.  My knee-high winter boots were not tall enough to keep the snow from sneaking in and soaking my socks.  With wet and cold tootsies, I scanned the shop for projects I could take home for the weekend.  I was loading up a basket of supplies when I heard a knock on the door.  The UPS man had a delivery!

The man in brown waltzed right up to the door with his non-leaky boots and dropped off two large boxes of Holy Scrap Can Coolers! We typically produce the can cooler in PURPLE, but for some reason, these came in BLUE -- perfect for a Wintertime Blues promotion! 

Now through January 25, we'll send you a FREE Holy Scrap can cooler with every online order to be shipped and every purchase made in the store.  Be the first on your block to look COOL while you sip your favorite beverage in your Holy Scrap can cooler.

One can cooler not enough for you?  Order some for your friends! 
For each Holy Scrap Can Cooler that you order (through January 25), we'll send one for FREE.  That's BOGO FREE!

Shop Holy Scrap Can Coolers NOW

Need a quick project for your own snow days?

We love our Monthorations, Tankorations & Swatter Sweaters as quick and easy projects to finish for yourself or others.  Take a look at the January projects.  You can purchase the kit or order the downloadable pattern.  Looking for more quick projects?  Order the FULL block of the month, and we'll send you the February kits for FREE.

January Monthorations

Kit $22.00

Downloadable Pattern $1.99

Block of the Month $18.00

January Tankorations

Kit $20.00

Downloadable Pattern $1.99

Block of the Month $15.00

Frosty Swat -- Swatter Sweater

Kit $14.00

Downloadable Pattern $1.99

Block of the Month $11.50


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