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Quilt Every Day adds a new organizational tool

Quilt Every

launches a new tool
Count Your BLESSINGS Inventory Labels
Last week, Teresa introduced Quilt Every Day, a new organizational program to help quilters find the time to quilt every day.  In the weeks and months ahead, she will introduce forms and tools to help quilters get organized and find time to quilt daily.  Today, Teresa released the Count Your BLESSINGS Labels that coordinate with the Count Your BLESSINGS Inventory form (below).  The labels are FREE of charge and can be downloaded from our website.  

Teresa reviews the newest form: Count Your BLESSINGS labels - Visit the Video Library

Download Count Your BLESSINGS labels - Visit the Forms Library

Last week, we introduced Quilt Every Day

A personal message from Teresa Coenen,

"January 12 was my birthday, and I decided to start something new with my new year.  Quilt Every Day is the result of a lot of thinking, planning, and wishing.  My personal resolution for 2021 is to Quilt Every Day.  No, I know I won't be able to work on a quilt EVERY day (I wish I could), but I'll be able to think, plan, research, organize, write, teach, or record on the days when I'm not actually sewing, pressing, cutting, quilting or binding.  The key to accomplishing many projects in 2021 is to BE ORGANIZED!  Want to join me?"
Read Teresa's complete Blog post that introduces Quilt Every Day

Want to get organized?  we can help you with that.
Want to stay motivated? we can help you with that.
Want to quilt every day? we can definitely help you with that.

Quilt Every Day will provide the organizational and accountability tools necessary to get organized, stay motivated and quilt every day. Today, we are ready to launch the inventory form (Count Your BLESSINGS) and the Daily Submission Form. Both forms are FREE to our quilting friends.  You can download the forms and print them out, or save the planet and save the forms electronically on your computer, laptop or tablet.  

Here's what we have so far
1.  We've posted 2 videos.  The video links can be easily found in our Video Library
 Teresa introduces her new adventure in her first VLOG (Video Log) January 12, 2021 Teresa provides an overview of the inventory and daily submission forms.

2.  We've created an inventory form and introduction.  Use this form to take inventory of your unfinished projects.  These forms are free and can be found in our Forms Library.
3.  We are ready for you to submit your progress daily.  You will find the submission form on in our Daily Update Tools.
4.  We've created an image library and progress report page to record the submissions we receive.

We're building this program as we go, so be patient with us please.  We'll introduce new forms & tools throughout the year.  We welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions.  This is going to be an exciting year!
So get started today -- begin your inventory and begin your daily submissions.  We can't wait to hear from you.

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