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It's a New Year!

Happy New Year from our Makerspace to yours!  We are more than ready to close the door on 2020, and we look forward to a time in 2021 when we are less restricted and able to spend time with our quilting friends and visitors.  Until then, we are making our New Year's resolutions and planning new quilts, classes and quilt alongs for 2021.  We hope that you will join us online or in the Makerspace (in a safe, limited attendance environment).  We miss you!

Thanks for helping us our with our End of Bolt Sale.  We were able to recycle over 75 bolt boards.  That was great progress, but we need to make a little more room on the shelves for the 200+ bolts that will begin arriving later this month.  Now through the end of the year, you can save 30% when you purchase ALL of the remaining fabric on any bolt. 

Simply use Coupon Code NY25OFF at checkout. Help us move some fabric from our Makerspace to yours!

Saving 25% off Stitchin' Tree fabric (regular $9.99-10.99/yard) is like saving 37% or more off regularly priced bolts ($12-13/yard). 

Faith-Based Pattern Series 
are now available in PDF download

We've listened to our quilters!  Our Faith-based pattern series quilts are too large of files for us to offer them as print copies at the low price of $20.  With today's technology, many quilters do not have access to a CD player on their Ipads, tablets and laptops.  New for 2021, our pattern series quilts are now available as PDF downloads.  The download files are often as large as 25MB, so make sure your computer can receive a file of this size electronically.  These electronic pattern downloads are priced at $15 each. Click the links below to read more about each pattern series.

Bible Studies (3 sizes)  Women of the Bible (King)  Have A Little Faith (4 sizes) Boys of the Bible (3 sizes) 
 Ten Commandments (2 sizes)  tHIS Love (Twin/Throw)  Songs of Faith (Queen)  

A Sneak Peak into the New Year

As we venture into the new year, Stitchin' Tree will be introducing NEW quilt designs and a new organizational program. 

The Parables of Jesus will be featured in our eighth faith-based quilt.  This quilt will feature (24) parables as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. This patterns in this series will be offered free of charge while we are pattern testing. We hope you'll join us.  Introductory information will be emailed later this month.

Like Jury Duty (above), some will be easy and others more difficult.  It's time to pull out those panels that you've collected and use our monthly PanelPats (panel patterns) to polish off those UFO's.  Look for more info to follow later this month.

When you think of pirates, you're likely picturing bearded buccaneers or peg-legged scalawags. While most pirates were men, there were women in these ranks of raiders who were merciless, feared, notorious and quilters????  Quilters of the Caribbean is the third quilt in our historical spoof series, following The (not so) True History of America & How the West Was Won (by a quilter).

Quilters of the Caribbean will be introduced later this month.

Get in the rhythm of Quilting Every Day!  We're really excited to launch our new organizational aids and accountability tools.  Quilters who participate will earn QED (pronounced CUED) credit which can be used to purchase and/or bid on merchandise in a silent auction at the end of the year.

Quilt Every Day will launch January 12, 2021.



A New Year's Gift For You!

Thanks for reading to the end of this lengthy email.  We'd like to leave you with a parting gift.  Frosty Swat graces one side of our January Swatter Sweater.  Enjoy this free pattern download. 

Download Frosty Swat

Happy New Year to each and every of you.  I pray that 2021 will be a safe and healthy year for you and for all ~ Teresa

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