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COVID Tribute Quilt Update for Quilt Shops 11/17/20

Covid Tribute Quilt Update

November 17, 2020

We're ready to wrap up our COVID Friends Quilt Along and get ready for retail follow up to quilters who were not part of the quilt along. 

1.  Here is the link for the email releasing the alternate setting patterns and the final wrap up zoom session.  You are welcome to use all/any of the content for your own marketing purposes.  https://www.stitchintree.com/module/newsletter.htm?newsletterId=55790

2.  Your setting pattern for the bed runner and pillow patterns are in your shared Google folder.  You are welcome to release them to your quilters now.

3.  It's time to clean up the individual pattern downloads on your website (if you've placed them there).  I suggest you reduce the individual price to $1.99 for each pattern. Collectively, we have issued 20 patterns.  If someone downloads all 20, your income is $39.80.  

4.  If you want to capitalize on the freshness of the newly released pattern, you may want to take pre-orders for the complete pattern collection on CD.  The retail price of this CD will be $20, and the pre-view price will be $10.  Your purchase price for the CD's is $5. You will need to create a new item for your website.  Typically, I post the item with unlimited web inventory, because I replenish the CDs as I need them. The window for the preview price will close December 10.  After that date, you will remove the PREVIEW PRICE from your website, and offer the pattern CD for $20.  When you order CD's please order a minimum of (6) CD's at a time.  The email to market the PREVIEW CD should go to your entire email list, as well as your Facebook and Instagram followers.  I will send you a copy of my marketing email tomorrow.

5.  I'll get ready to burn the CDs for your quilters who are actively participating in the quilt along.  Please send me numbers for: A) the number of quilters who participated in the quilt along. but not the fabric exchange, and B) the number of quilters who participated in the quilt along AND the fabric exchange.  I'll get these CD's burned and to you by the end of November.

Take pics and videos of your progress on your shop quilt.  Share your own stories.  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter your stories and share to the group Facebook page.  If you have any questions as we wrap up, let me know.

I pray that you all stay safe and healthy.


If you have any questions, give us a call 712-647-3161 or send Teresa an email teresa@stitchintree.com

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