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COVID Tribute Quilt Update for Quilt Shops

Covid Tribute Quilt Update

August 13, 2020

Just a quick update to our participating quilt shops.

1.  Your private Google Folder has new files, marketing images, patterns and pattern previews.

2.  We pattern tested the first 4 blocks yesterday & made corrections as necessary.  The patterns in your folders today are only the Pattern Previews.  You are welcome to share with your quilters.  They do not contain the stories or the reflection area.  You will receive those patterns Monday morning, August 16, along with a link to the email language I use with the patterns I'm sending to my quilters.

3.  Here is the email I sent today with the block pattern previews.  https://www.stitchintree.com/module/newsletter.htm?newsletterId=53996
You are welcome to some/all of the language for your own marketing purposes.
You will see on this newsletter, I have links to the pattern previews directly embedded in the email.  Beginning on Monday, when I send the actual patterns, I will be sending links to pattern products on my website that quilters will have to place in a shopping cart an download.  This is for two reasons:
A.  I will be able to catch quilters who are not properly registered (haven't paid) and will be able to invite them to join.
B.  I will be able to SELL the individual patterns to those who learn about it through organic social media growth, but have not signed up to participate in the Quilt Along.  I will price the individual patterns at $3.99 each for electronic download.  I will keep these individual patterns posted until the end of the quilt, when I will offer the CD for sale.  
By making quilters put the pattern item in their shopping cart, I am able to grow my own direct email marketing list.

4.  The 9-Patch Video can be found on YouTube or on our Facebook group.  Here is the direct YouTube link.  https://youtu.be/-nzCFjRxBAM

5.  I've received many calls/emails from quilters who have signed up after the fabric exchange window closed.  I will have another fabric exchange window (with exchange fabric due by 9/15) for folks who have signed up late.

6.  The fabric exchange packages are in the mail.  Some quilters sent fewer than 80 pieces of fabric, so for those quilters, they received in exchange, the exact number of fabrics that they originally sent.  We returned the original exchange form with their fabric. If quilters added a story, we reproduced it and sent it along with the fabric strips.  If they wished to remain anonymous, we sent the strips without a story.

7.  If you have not already done so, please request to join the Facebook Group for COVID.  You can join as your shop, and also as yourself, individually.  If you join as an individual, I can grant you access to the group as an administrator, and you can post directly.  Here is the link to the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/COVIDQuilt/

If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to call or email. Email is the preferred choice of communication, as I am unable to answer the phone when I am tied up.  Because of COVID, I do not have regular hours in our makerspace.

If you have made kits, or are marketing background fabric, please let me know so we can post information for you -- or better yet, become an administrator on the FB group and post when you like. :-)

If you have any special COVID parties planned, post about them.  Take pics of your blocks and post them as well.  If you shoot any video, please share.

Here are a few marketing ideas to consider.  As we are working through this quilt, I am constantly thinking of ways to market it & ways to continue to sell it after this first round is finished.

1.  I used my Accuquilt Studio to cut 2-1/2" and 1-1/2" strips to make (5) sets of fabric to exchange.  21" of fabric are needed to make (5) sets of each.  I added the sets to the exchange, and now have (5) exchanged sets that I can add to the next exchange, or SELL as exchange sets.  I will be able to sell them for $75-$80, and they will include strips from the exchange with quilter stories.

2.  For the fabric I am including in my own shop quilts, I have cut fat 1/8ths, leaving the remaining fat 1/8th available to sell in a bundle.  Consider making bundles to sell later when your quilt is on display.  Make the number you think you will be able to sell.  Don't short yourself.  I wish I had made 200 kits of my Women of the Bible quilt in Sandy Gervais' Soho Chic fabric line.  I could have sold them all twice...

3. For each fabric I include in my quilt, I'm making a COVID mask.  That way, I'll know that I used the fabric to help others as well.  I plan to take pics of my blocks together with the masks.

4.  For leftover units, like this month's Pandora's Box, I plan to make COVID coasters.  Watch the Facebook page for an example and video.

Take pics and videos of your progress on your shop quilt.  Share your own stories.  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter your stories and share to the group Facebook page.  If you have good ideas you want to share with the other shops who are participating, send them to me and I'll pass them along.

I pray that you all stay safe and healthy.


If you have any questions, give us a call 712-647-3161 or send Teresa an email teresa@stitchintree.com

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