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Quilt Shops can Join our COVID Friends Quilt Along

Always Remember...
The COVID-19 global pandemic has forever changed the face and heart of our EARTH.  Without discrimination, COVID has destroyed millions of lives and livelihoods.Quilters around the world have rushed into action to construct face masks, gowns, caps and other protective gear. At a time when we want to gather together, we are encouraged (and sometimes ordered) to stay apart.

One year from now, five years from now, one generation from now, how will you remember COVID?  What stories will you tell your children, grandchildren?  

Read all about our COVID Friends Quilt Along

and join quilting friends across our great nation as we complete this quilt.

We'd love to have your quilt shop join us...

Here's how you can join the COVID19 Tribute Quilt Along

Registration fee $100 includes
1.  Customized reproducible pattern -- your information in the header -- you can reproduce the pattern as many times as you like. Even after the Quilt Along is over, you can offer a BOM, Kit, or simply sell the pattern -- whatever works for your shop.
2. Participation in the online quilt along for you and your quilters.  Depending on the number of quilters participating from your shop, you may qualify for a private breakout room during our Zoom quilt along sessions.
3.  Ongoing support for marketing and social promotion.  Teresa will host regular Zoom meetings throughout the quilt along to go over tips/tricks and answer any questions you might have. 

Additional fees
For each quilter that you have participate, they will pay you $40.  Of that $40, you will need to pay Stitchin' Tree $15 -- $5 for the pattern CD (provided at the end of the quilt along) and $10 for the Fabric Exchange.  Stitchin' Tree will collect the fabrics for the exchange, package them for each quilter and mail them Priority Mail.  The $10 covers the cost of shipping.  You will NOT need to mail or coordinate any part of the exchange.  We'll do all the work for you, while maintaining the security and privacy of the participants.  Your customer names or contact information will NOT be shared with any other shops who are participating.

Profit Margin

This Quilt Along cash flows quite nicely.  With only (4) participating quilters, participating quilt shops will be able to cover the cost of participation.  After (4) quilters, you will have a profit margin of $25 per quilter -- BEFORE fabric purchases.

Marketing Opportunities
This Quilt Along is designed so that quilters can use their stash for the exchange, but will need to purchase 8+ yards of background fabric to construct their quilt. Quilt shops will have an opportunity to advertise their background selections through our Facebook group and links on the Stitchin' Tree website under the  COVID Quilt tab.  We will also encourage quilters to LIKE and follow FB, IG and Twitter pages for participating quilt shops.  These links will also be found on the COVID Quilt page.  Teresa is a firm believer that cross marketing benefits all of the quilt shops, and the world is one big outdoor marketplace. We will take advantage of that.

Want to learn more???
Teresa will host (4) Zoom meetings to explain how quilt shops can participate.  You are welcome to join her

June 5, 10am CST
June 8, 2pm CST
June 10, 10am & 2pm CST

Use the following Zoom link (copy and paste into your browser)

Meeting ID: 873 3449 5703
Password: Quilt

We hope to see you on Zoom.

If you have any questions, give us a call 


or send us an email




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