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40 Reasons to Love Stitchin' Tree!

We know you love the Stitchin' Tree, and we love all of you!

Since our world needs some extra love right now, here is a countdown of 40 lovely items at 40% Off!

40. PinPal Flower Garden Red

39. Just Half-Square Triangles

38. Just Squares Triangles

37. Boys of the Bible Bundles Fire

36. Nickel N Dime Modern Batiks Bundle

35. Kitchen Boa Kit

33. Holy Scrap Long Sleeve T-Shirt 
32. Holy Scrap Short Sleeve Purple T-Shirt

31. Holy Scrap Short Sleeve
Raspberry T-Shirt
 30. Quilters of Faith Long Sleeve Chocolate T-Shirt


29. Pin Pal Morning Star Red

28. Holy Scrap Short Sleeve Sapphire T-Shirt
27. Batik Bundle 26. PinPal Morning Star Navy 25. PinPal Mariner's Compass Lemon
24. PinPal Mariner's Compass Red


23. PinPal Morning Star Lemon

22. PinPal Mariner's Compass Orchid

21. Mirror Mirror 6x6

20. Quilters of Faith Short Sleeve Red T-Shirt

19. Tumbler Baby Quilt Kit

15. Quilters of Faith Short Sleeve Royal T-Shirt

14. Happy ValSaintPEaster Kit

13. Summer Wine Tote Kit

12. PinPal Flower Garden Pink

11. Template Set D

10. PinPal Flower Garden Lime

9. Trader's Dice

8. Stringing Fence Fish Hope Kit

7. ChainRipper 

6.  Template Set C

5. PinPal Mariner's Compass Navy

4. PinPal Flower Garden Lemon

3. PinPal Morning Star Orchid

2. Small Drunkard's Path Template

In these times of unrest we can focus on love and prayer.
What better way to spread the message than our Love, Quilt, Pray T-Shirts!


1. Love Quilt Pray T-Shirts

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