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Quilter's Cooperative Order

Like many of you, we are hunkered down, social distancing, and doing what we can to make face masks & surgical caps to help the health care angels in nearby communities.  COVID-19 has forever changed our great nation, and we pray that the Coronavirus does not darken your door.

Prior to this outbreak, we had planned for a Quilter's Cooperative order for mid-March.  But the spreading virus interrupted our plans, as warehouses have scrambled to arrange shipping.  As of this date, we believe that all Quilter's Coop orders will ship as scheduled.  But please note that warehouse closures and shipping delays could occur.  We will keep you posted if there are any delays with your order. 

Take advantage of this Quilter's Cooperative Discount opportunity...
30% or MORE off Quilter's Dream Batting, Martelli 45MM Replacement Blades, Marti Michell rulers, Schmetz Chrome Professional needles, Aurifil 50wt Quilting Thread, and Stitchin' Tree products.   No coupon code necessary. Quilter's Coop pricing applies to advance ONLINE orders only. In-store discounts will not be applied. 

Quilter's Coop items must be ordered by Monday, April 13.  Items will be available to be picked up April 24 or after.  If shipped, items will be shipped after April 24. Some of these items can be shipped, and others MUST be picked up in store or drop-shipped.  Read details on each item before ordering.

Shop ALL Quilter's Coop Discount Items NOW


Quilter's Dream Save 30%
At Stitchin' Tree, we LOVE Quilter's Dream Batting!  It's the only batting we sell and the ONLY batting we've ever sold!  

Quilters Dream Batting products are proudly made in the USA. Quilter's Dream is sold in quilt shops only -- you will not find it in any discount or box store.  Over the past 25 years, the quality has stayed consistently highest in the industry.

At Stitchin' Tree, we like to put quality batting in quilters' hands.  Over the years, we have offered annual cooperative batting roll orders, but were restricted to quilters who could pick up their rolls in the store.  And now, through a cooperative arrangement with Quilter's Dream, we have the ability to have full rolls drop-shipped directly to your door - for only $15.  

                    Select Ground $15 (to drop ship) or Pick Up In Store shipping method.

Go to our website to read more about each Quilter's Dream product.

Cooperative Batting Roll Order -- SAVE 30% on each roll on these battings:
Dream Green Select 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $254, Coop Discount Price $177.80
Dream Natural Cotton Deluxe 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $380, Coop Discount Price $266
Dream Natural Cotton Select 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $342, Coop Discount Price $$239.40
Dream Natural Cotton Request 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $300, Coop Discount Price $210
Dream White Cotton Select 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $382, Coop Discount Price $267.40
Dream White Cotton Request 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $310 Coop Discount Price $217
Dream Poly White Deluxe 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $320, Coop Discount Price $224
Dream Poly White Select 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $242, Coop Discount Price $169.40
Dream Poly White Request 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $220, Coop Discount Price $154
Dream Blend 70/30 for Machines Select 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $300, Coop Discount Price $210
Dream Pink 80/20 Blend Select 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $280, Coop Discount Price $196
Dream Orient Select 93"x30 yard Roll - Reg. $402, Coop Discount Price $281.40
Dream Wool 93"x25 yard Roll - Reg. $340, Coop Discount Price $238

The deadline to order is Monday, April 13.  Quilter's Dream will drop ship to your door, or you can choose to pick up your roll in our store.  When checking out, choose one of these two shipping methods: Ground $15 or Pick Up In Store.  Economy FREE Shipping is NOT available for these rolls.

If you choose to have your batting roll drop-shipped, please take caution when entering your ship to address!


Martelli Replacement Blades Save 40%

We have been using Martelli brand replacement blades in our Fiskars and Olfa cutters for over 10 years and the only difference we can see between these blades and their name-brand counterparts is PRICE!  We love our Martelli blades and love the discount price even MORE.
45mm Replacement Pack of 10 - Reg. $39.99, Coop Discount Price $24


Aurifil 50Wt Thread Save 30%

With 1422 yards on a spool, this thread goes a long way.  We love the 50wt Aurifil for piecing because it is a thin, yet strong thread that will take up less room in the seam, allowing our 1/4" to be a true 1/4".  We don't worry about matchy matching colors.  We use neutral light and dark threads for every fabric color.
Aurifil 50wt Off White, Stainless Steel, Black or Sandstone 1422 yards, Reg. $14.67, Coop Discount Price $10.27

Schmetz Chrome Professional 80/12 Save 30%
Chrome Universal needle size 80/12. 5 needles per card. Chrome needles have the following benefits:

- Less friction on thread passing through the eye
- Penetrates fabric with less resistance
- Smoother stitch creation
- Resists heat for improved durability and performance
- A premium needle not found in big box stores

My Favorite Square Up 6-1/2" Ruler by Marti Michell Save 30%
Squaring up is very different from just plain measuring. On this ruler, the numbering goes from one corner along two sides. It does not go both left and right. -- My favorite part?  I love the clearly marked 1/8" marks.

Trader's Dice by Stitchin' Tree Save 30%
Traders Dice -- The game where EVERYBODY wins!  Each set includes three die (10th Anniversary Purple).  Join your friends and trade ANYTHING!  Guaranteed to be fun fun fun!  Get ready to laugh until you cry.  Look out for cheaters though. 

Chain Ripper By Stitchin' Tree Save 30%

The ChainRipperTM molded base and quality seam ripper is designed to split chain-pieced seams easily and conveniently.  Because it uses a traditional seam ripper, the ChainRipperTM can split the narrowest of chains (even a single stitch).  The ripper can be removed from it's base and used as a traditional seam ripper.  When sheathed in it's base, the ChainRipperTM stands upright and can easily be located amidst a quilting project

PinPal Mariner's Compass Red by Stitchin' Tree Save 30%

Made in Iowa!  A PinPal™ is a magnetized pin catcher that you wear on your shirt/lapel, collar or sleeve.  Made of sturdy plastic, this pin catcher will hold pins, needles and small scissors.  It attaches to your clothing with a magnetized back - no pins to tear your clothing.

PinPals™ are perfect for when you are doing lap work, and will save you from losing your scissors down the crack of the chair or sticking pins in your collar or sofa arm. 

Thank you for your Quilter's Coop order -- stay safe and healthy! 



If you have any questions, give us a call 712-647-3161 or send Teresa an email teresa@stitchintree.com

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Some exclusions apply to Quilter's Coop orders -- see each item for shipping options.