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Clear the shelves -- $7.50 fabric

Oops, I did it again....
I ordered too much new fabric at market.  It's coming in to the shop, and we have limited space to shelve it... With our new MakerSpace model, we have a large selection of blenders & batiks, with a few seasonal and novelty prints.  But our space is limited, so the new fabric can't hit the shelves until we make a little room.  It's sad to see the boxes piling up in the back room...

So now through the end of November, we're hosting a SKINNY BOLT SALE --

Save 25% on the end of ANY bolt of fabric -- but you must take the rest of the bolt.

Our fabric is affordably priced at $9.99/yard (45"), so with our skinny bolts sale, you can purchase the fabric of your choice for $7.50 per yard.  

These sale prices apply to online sales and in-store purchases -- it's easy to see the skinny bolts when you are in the store.  It's a little harder to know online, so here's the easiest way to check yardage and order the full amount.

Here's how to order skinny bolts online...
Browse our selection of fabric.  Choose any fabric, and check the remaining yardage by clicking on the yardage drop down menu.  

Select the largest number of yards available.  (that's the amount that we SHOULD have in stock.)  You MUST take the full yardage in order to apply the discount. if there are more yards available than you intend to purchase, you cannot use the coupon, or you must select a different fabric.


Once you have selected your fabric and yardage, you must determine how you would like us to proceed if we do not have the full yardage in stock.  (sometimes, our inventory is off a little...)  You can choose to have us send what we have in stock (and your purchase total $$ will be adjusted), ask us to contact you with the yardage amount so you can make a decision, or cancel the order.

USE COUPON CODE FAB25 at check out!

Are you ready???  Start shopping now -- click here to Shop FABRIC NOW

If you are coming in to shop in our new makerspace, here are the dates/times we will open, now through the end of November.  On the green dates, we will be open from 9am-4pm (with the exception of limited hours on Monday, November 25).  Please note the red dates, when we will be closed.

If you are travelling from a distance to shop in our store, it is always a good idea to check our calendar online before heading out -- or give us a call!

If you have any questions, give us a call 712-647-3161 or send Teresa an email teresa@stitchintree.com

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