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Quilt Alongs Month 12

Quilt Alongs are Wrapping Up
Thanks to all of you who have been following one or both of our two faith-based quilt alongs.  We've revealed the overall designs for each quilt, and have continued to introduce new blocks each month. 

Songs of Faith, left, will finish as a full/queen size quilt 85"x103".  tHIS Love, below, will finish as a throw/twin size quilt 76"x97".  With each quilt, quilters will determine their own block placement and will choose favorite blocks to repeat in the quilt.

This is Month 12 of our 12-month series.  If you haven't already started, OR, if you've missed a few patterns along the way, NOW is your chance to PRE-ORDER the full pattern collection on CD.  The patterns are in PDF format on the CD.  For the next 30 days, we are offering the PRE-ORDER CD's at 50% off retail -- regular price $20 -- now only $10.  These CD's will ship on OCTOBER 23 -- and not before.  Use the links below to pre-order the pattern collections.

tHIS Love Pattern Collection PRE-ORDER

Songs of Faith Pattern Collection PRE-ORDER

About our Quilt Alongs

In October 2018, we launched two new Quilt Along patterns. Now you can follow Teresa Coenen as she introduces her latest designs.  Each block pattern contains a short devotional/inspirational message and space for individual reflection.

The patterns will be offered FREE (for a limited time) to our email customers and Facebook followers to submit photos of their blocks.

Check out our quilt alongs

tHIS Love Quilt Along

Join Teresa as she introduces Block 12 (John 15:12) of her faith-based pattern. tHIS Love is a throw quilt with 12 blocks that reference twelve different Bible verses that share God's love. The finished quilt will measure 76"x97" and will include five 19-1/2" (finished) blocks and seven 9" (finished) blocks.

Click HERE to go to tHIS Love Quilt Along

Songs of Faith Quilt Along

Join Teresa as she introduces Blocks 23 & 24 (The Lord's Prayer and It is Well) of her faith-based pattern.  Songs of Faith is a king/queen-size quilt with 24 blocks that focus on the lyrics of 24 amazing hymns. The finished quilt will measure 85"x103" and will include three 16-1/2" (finished) blocks and twenty-one 7-1/2" (finished) blocks.

Click HERE to go to Songs of Faith Quilt Along

Want to get a head start on finishing your quilt?
tHIS Love will require making (16) additional 9-1/2" blocks.  Choose the blocks you want to repeat and get to work. 
Use the tHIS Love Setting Layout to help you plan your quilt -- It's FREE!

Songs of Faith will require making (11) additional 7-1/2" blocks and (1) 16-1/2" block.  Choose the blocks you want to repeat and get to work. Use the Songs of Faith Setting Layout to help you plan your quilt -- It's FREE!

If you have any questions, give us a call 712-647-3161 or send Teresa an email teresa@stitchintree.com

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