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Salute to Labor Savings

Salute to Labor
You work hard every day -- and you need a break!  That's why we are offering a Salute to Labor Savings coupon -- save 10% on all regular and sales price products on our website.  Shop now through midnight on Tuesday and save 10% in store and online.

Check out our two newest patterns & kits!

We held two Pattern Testing dates in August -- our projects are complete, the patterns are edited and kits are ready for you!  


Market Tote Lite 12"x14"x4" $17.50 Kit

County Courthouses 48"x60" $39.99 Kit
Market Tote Hard Copy Pattern $5.00 County Courthouses Hard Copy Pattern $5.00
Market Tote Electronic Download Pattern $1.99 County Courthouses Electronic Download Pattern $1.99

Today and tomorrow only --
Place any order online, or make any purchase in store, and we'll send you BOTH of these new patterns ABSOLUTELY FREE!

SEW>>> Let's talk about fabric selection and prices!

Now that we are a MakerSpace, and not a traditional quilt shop, we have focused our fabric on the fabrics quilters need to complete their projects and the fabrics we need to introduce the new patterns and kits that we have planned for the future.  

You'll find that we have an extensive color wall of blenders, a healthy assortment of batiks, and relatively few collections or holiday prints (usually only what we need for our designs).

But here's the great news -- all of our 44/45" fabric is priced at $9.99/yard!  That's right, we've actually REDUCED the fabric prices!  That's like a standard 25% discount.

So, shop away!  We'd love to send you some fabric today! Shop FABRIC NOW

We have a very busy schedule coming up -- if you live nearby, we hope you'll join us
You'll love the price of our MakerSpace classes -- each of these classes are $5, and when you arrive, you will receive $5 in Storbucks.  

Check out the MakerSpace Calendar

See all the class/open sew descriptions

Get Ready for Another Quilter's Coop Order
We're getting ready to place a quilter's coop order, so talk to your friends and wait for our email...
This coop order will include Quilter's Dream Batting (with drop ship), Sullivan's self-healing 38" cutting mats (pick up in store only), Martelli's 45mm rotary blades.
Watch for details to come later this week.

If you have any questions, give us a call 712-647-3161 or send Teresa an email teresa@stitchintree.com

Check out the full line up of Stitchin' Tree patterns, products and fabric.