, FSF-10 Facebook Success Formula Coaching Locker
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Facebook Success Formula Coaching Locker

Group Coaching Dates & Times
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Session 1 1.  Social Media Audit
2. Refresh Business Page
Monday, November 20, 2023 4:00PM CST
Central Time
Session 2 3. Growth Tactics
4. Customer Profiles & Avatars
Monday, November 27, 2023
Session 3 5. Content Plan
6. Content Map
Monday, December 11, 2023
Session 4 7. Content Curation
8. Content Creation
Monday, December 18, 2023
Session 5 9. Account Monitoring
10. Account Listening
Monday, January 8, 2023
Session 6 11. Distribution
12. Analytics
Monday, January 15, 2023

Session Resources

Session 1 Handout PDF Session 1 PowerPoint Slide Deck Social Media Tools Google Sheet 
Session 1 Zoom Recording Part 1
Session 1 Zoom Recording Part 2
 Session 2 Handout PDF  Session 2 PowerPoint Slide Deck
Session 2 Zoom Recording Session 3 Handout PDF Session 3 Power Point Slide Deck
Session 3 Zoom Recording  Session 4 Handout Session 4 PowerPoint Slide Deck 
Session 4 Zoom Recording Session 5 Handout Session 5 PowerPoint Slide Deck
Session 5 Recording Session 6 Handout Session 6 PowerPoint Slide Deck
Session 6 Recording    

Group Contacts

Name Business Email Address
Dean Kilgard Honey Bee Quilt Store
Austin, TX
Central Time
Rosa Bingaman Cassity's Nest
Foley, AL
Eastern Time
Teresa Coenen  Stitchin' Tree 
Woodbine, Iowa
Central Time
Cell: 712-579-6537

Your Feedback is Valued

Coaching Group Feedback

Participants are encouraged to provide feedback on their coaching group.

Private Coaching Call

Participants in this coaching group are offered (1) private coaching call.  Participants should determine the topic of the call prior to scheduling.  It is recommended that participants email teresa@stitchintree.com with information regarding the call topic and the goals of the call so that the call time is best utilized.  

The call scheduling software will automatically schedule a 30-minute call, but coaching group participants are allowed up to a full hour of private coaching, and the 30-minute call will be extended as needed.

Use this link to schedule your private coaching call.