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Always remember...

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forever changed the face and heart of our EARTH.  Without discrimination, COVID has destroyed millions of lives and livelihoods.Quilters around the world have rushed into action to construct face masks, gowns, caps and other protective gear. At a time when we want to gather together, we are encouraged (and sometimes ordered) to stay apart.

One year from now, five years from now, one generation from now, how will you remember COVID?  What stories will you tell your children, grandchildren? 

From June-November, 2020, Stitchin' Tree led a quilt along (via ZOOM and Facebook) to introduce the COVID Friends Tribute Quilt.  Now that we've completed our quilt along, we are ready to release the COVID Friends Tribute to other quilters around the country.

Step-by-step instructions are available on our YouTube channel.  See video links below.

The COVID Friends Tribute was designed and developed during the first few months of the pandemic as a therapeutic outlet for me (Teresa Coenen, quilt designer). I felt it was important to capture and memorialize this novel time in our lives and the widespread effect this pandemic has had on our friends, family, community, nation and world.  Over the course of the design development, I learned that my COVID story was ever-changing.  New developments occurred, and I felt compelled to add additional blocks to pay tribute to every nuance of the pandemic.  Ultimately, I designed 14 blocks for a quilt that would host 9 blocks.  So, of course, I felt compelled to add additional setting designs to include the blocks that would not be chosen for the quilt.

The first page of each pattern in the quilt contains an initial message about COVID and it’s impact on our lives.  The last page of each pattern closes with a message to consider and space for you to write your own personal COVID story.  If the quilt is the gift to another, you can use this space to write a message to the recipient.  Whether you construct the quilt from your stash, share fabrics with others, choose new fabrics for a fresh look, or choose a kit or fabric bundle, this is YOUR COVID quilt.  You will choose the blocks to include.  You will choose  your own unique placement of those blocks and the fabrics that embrace your blocks.  I invite you to go on a journey with Stitchin' Tree.  The Introduction describes the blocks and setting patterns in the COVID Friends Tribute Quilt.  You are welcome to download the Introduction for free to help you decide if you would like to memorialize your COVID story.

Click HERE to download COVID Friends Tribute Quilt Introduction.


The COVID Friends Tribute Quilt pattern series includes (3) setting patterns:
Bed Quilt Setting - 2 sizes (king & queen)
Bed Runner Setting
Pillow or Wall Hanging Setting

Each block tells a part of the COVID story.

This Chinese Lantern block represents China, the alleged origin of the COVID-19 virus.  It may take years of investigation to find the true origin. 

This simple Envelope block represents Pandora’s Box.  Like a Pandora’s Box lid, once the flap of the envelope is opened, the contents are loosed.

This apple block represents New York City, the Big Apple, the first COVID-19 epicenter in the United States.

This cross symbol represents the Red Cross.  The Red Cross is one of many service organizations that have born an increased burden during the pandemic.

This traditional cross block represents Faith Forever.  The pandemic challenged faith in truly unique ways.

There are many different heart blocks.  This block is very similar to the and-sign for love that has become so prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Baby Bunting block was first published as a women’s page feature in the Orange Judd Farmer in 1900.   This block was chosen for the COVID 19 Friends Tribute quilt for two reasons: the name of the block and its on-point block orientation.

This simple block resembles the a mortar board, the traditional graduation cap.  Once you’ve finished your quilt, you can add tassel to your mortar board. Most graduations occurred virtually during the pandemic.

This bow-tie block represents many types of “Big Days” that were disrupted by the pandemic: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations.

Quilters across the country were quick to act, making masks for anyone and everyone.  This mask block represents the mask-making efforts by quilters and the mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This block is commonly known as the Anvil block.  People of color in the United States have lived under an anvil of oppression for a very long time.  During the COVID pandemic, riots & protests against racial oppression spiked in nearly every major US city. 

This simple block is commonly known as Good Neighbor or Around the Neighborhood.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had opportunities to make new friends in our neighborhood and online. 

“O” is for online.  Social distancing and isolation have caused us to rely heavily on the internet, to work, learn and connect with others. 

This block is commonly known as the Depression block.  All that we’ve missed (or missed out on) because of the pandemic could easily spiral us into depression.  The question to consider is whether to choose a fabric for the center of your Depression block that represents hope or depression.


Two Ways to Participate

The entire pattern collection (14 block centers and 3 settings) is available in PDF format on CD or by electronic download.  You can order the complete pattern collection below, or you can choose individual PDF patterns to download (this option is best if you do not intend to construct the bed quilt or if you plan to add a few of your own original block centers).

Order the Complete Pattern Series

OR Pick and Choose from Individual Patterns

FREE Instructional Videos Available


I've recorded step by step instructions for each pattern in this collection.   Visit the Stitchin' Tree YouTube channel to view the instructional videos.

Click HERE to scroll through COVID Friends tutorials on YouTube.